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I have been an esthetician for 4 years. I’ve always had a thing for lashes and brows ever since I discovered brows and a pair of tweezers— although middle school me had no clue what I was doing— the consistency and passion prevailed.


I love that I get to create the perfect brows tailored to my clients face shape & lifestyle and lashes that compliment the eye with a natural look or create a striking appearance with bold glam lashes. A fun fact: Lashing has since made me ambidextrous! 


When I am not grooming brows or doing lashes, I enjoy the outdoors and solitude, live music, and wine with friends and family 


I love plants! I have become quite the plant mom and I have a ton of plants that I take care of. I also make wine bottle planters as a pastime. 


I love going for hikes or walking to the beach, staying home and watching Netflix.

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