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I have been doing hair for 25 years. My best friends mom when I was in 3rd grade was (and still is!!) a stylist. We would go to her salon after school and she would let me sweep up for her and mess around with her old color. I’ve loved it from that day forward!


As I got older, I loved the idea of being my own “boss”. I love having a flexible schedule so I can attend all of my boys events and spend time with my family. 


I have 2 boys that are intensely emerged in all the sports they play! On the weekends, I usually divided my time between them going to water polo and baseball games. When our family has a free weekend together, we love to go camping or go to the beach. Anything outdoors. Being the only female in the house, I have had my share of adventures!


I’m a very loyal person and friend. If you’ve got me on your side, I’m there for the long haul and that is what I feel makes me a good stylist. I strive to give my guests a consistent experience so they know what they expect will be given to them at every appointment. 

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