I have been a nail tech for six years. I have always loved to paint, so nails just became an exciting way to express my art and also build a career. 


Most days, you can find me at the beach. I have always been fascinated by the ocean. It brings me so much happiness. Sometimes I find myself spending time by the ocean even when it’s not summer bundled up in warm clothes just to be there by the water. 


On the weekends, my husband and I usually BBQ. We have four crazy pets, two mini pigs; Walter and Arthur and two dogs named Jack Jack and Harley. 


I live life in color. I have colorful hair and colorful tattoos. One of my favorite tattoos is the one on my arm of a portrait my Dad drew of my Mom. 

When it comes to nails, nail art is my absolute favorite. I love when a client comes in and has some inspiration and lets me create a personalized nail design for them. 

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