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I have been doing hair for 4 years. 


I’m passionate about lifelong learning and sharing, making and discovering magic with everyday things and people, practicing loving kindness and each day, leaving this world a little better than I found it.


Outside of work, I love coming home to my fiancé and playing with our hilarious rescue cat. We hope to travel more and one day vacation in one of those over-the-water huts, but we find joy in the simple pleasures of a shared card game, a sparkling Brut Rosè, and a good long Netflix or HBO series.


While hair has been a lifelong love, it’s a new career for me. Before earning my Cosmetology License, I completed a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s in Library and Information Science. I worked as a Teacher Librarian in a SF Bay Area high school for many years before my fiancé and I returned to our hometown roots in Ventura. Being a librarian and a hairstylist aren’t as different as they might seem. I’m still a lifelong learner and teacher, I’m still researching the best resources to match my guest’s needs, and still helping people see their own beauty and feel as special as they are.


I’ve been interested in hair as early as I could hold a pair of scissors. In my baby book next to my own lock of hair is a clipping of our family cat’s black fur. My first haircut and the cat’s first (and last) were both Hair by Sheelah creations. When I started Kindergarten, my mom started Beauty School and became a hairstylist. She was awesome and let me play with her clothes, nice makeup, and hair tools throughout childhood, teaching me to take care of them at a time when most moms would only let you play with the toy kind and maybe some Bonne Bell! Even when I worked as a teacher and librarian, I spent lots of my free time recreating YouTube tutorial looks and always chose to spend my mandatory volunteer hours at my son’s school doing makeup for the charity fashion show. Doing hair and making people feel beautiful is both a passion and a privilege and I’m happy and grateful to be living my dream.


I specialize in Blondes, Extensions (Dreamcatchers and Habit Handtied Weft Certified).


Extensions and Color Corrections-

Consultations Required 

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